No Code And The Future Of Panda Strike

We're moving in a new direction! We believe that No Code (and Low Code) tools are the future of the software industry. We've already seen this transition play out in technical operations, with dev ops and eventually serverless. These transitions may take time to play out, but, in the end, they're inevitable. Over the next decade, we believe that No Code will supplant conventional software development for most software projects. Naturally, as a dev shop, we asked ourselves what this means for us.

While we will continue to help our clients with high-end technical staffing and custom software development, our main focus is now helping clients leverage No Code and Low Code tools and platforms. We've been in business for nine years—and I've been in the business for four decades myself—and we believe a lot of what we've learned translates to No Code. The most important thing you learn building software is not coding, but problem-solving. That encompasses everything from making sure you understand the problem you're solving to choosing the best tools to solve it. We know software development and we believe that knowledge will help our clients, even if, and perhaps especially if we're not writing code.

In fact, because No Code allows us to work more affordably, we're potentially able to help more than ever. I hope you'll check out our services and let us know what you think!